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A World of Solutions

Kelfin Kian Integrated Services Nigeria Limited is an Engineering, Procurement, Installation
and Commissioning company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.


Kelfin Kian integrated services provides innovative solutions and vital services to operators in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Kelfin Kian is focused on delivering safe, and efficient execution of projects from startup to completion in today’s innovation and technological engineering fields.

Innovative & Efficient
Integrity & Loyalty
International Standards
Sustainability & Development

To be the EPIC Oil and gas servicing company
of choice in Nigeria and Africa.


To safely and efficiently deliver world class, cutting edge projects, products and services that constantly exceed client expectations.

To constantly deliver operational excellence in all our operations and projects while creating an incident and injury free environment where nobody gets hurt.


Our Core Values


To carry out our tasks safely and efficiently in an incident and injury free work environment where nobody gets hurt.


Our services, products and projects are executed and delivered with the highest standards of Integrity.


To maximize our energy ,time, skills and resources towards the delivery of results and milestones.


We are committed to delivering innovative solutions to our client’s problems by delivering exceptional services, products and projects that produce positive, tangible results.


We are committed to continous learning and finding new ways to get the job done by applying new technologies along the way.

Our Services

It is the aim of Kelfin-Kian Integrated Services Nigeria Limited to provide
superior customer service to clients through an innovative and quality approach.

Piping And OCTG Inspection Services

Kelfin Kian Integrated Services offers quality tubular inspection services to support and optimize client’s operations. We deliver tubular Inspections ranging from the basic tubular inspections to the more critical inspection areas.

Non-Destructive Testing Services

Kelfin Kian Integrated Services provides NDT services to assist with asset integrity appraisals at fabrication, in-service or decommissioning stage.

Calibration Services

We calibrate and certify PRV’s, Laboratory Equipment, Glass wares Gauges , Recorders, Transmitters, Metering Instruments, Tanks, mechanical, electrical, temperature and pressure gauges.

Installation And Maintenance Of Metering

Kelfin Kian Integrated Services offers full integrated metering solutions that give clients peace of mind during their operations by ensuring maximum accuracy during flow measurement and allocation.

Engineering, Installation And Construction Services

Kelfin Kian Integrated Services boasts of a highly skilled engineering team and we have all the equipment, tools and materials to timely complete complex and large-scale installation and construction projects.

Procurement Services

Kelfin-Kian has proven and reliable resources, expertise and capabilities to source and deliver all key equipment, materials and services required to deliver clients project and procurement requirements.

Our Clients & Partners

At Kelfin-Kian, we have been privileged to work with some of the largest and most reputable companies in our industry. We value every one of these relationships and always work hard to satisfy each client.Take a look at our customers and how we tailor our solutions to their needs.



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